Having a Raffles means your pup is:-

  • Raffles Unique Breeding Lines

  • Consistent Look and Coat Type.

  • Has A Lovely Nature suitable for families

  • Pup Raised Correctly, with a full socialisation plan in place.

  • Quality Vet Support Systems In Place.

  • Health Guarantee, right to return and top level Insurance 28 days in place.

  • Health Testing as per our Health Testing Page.

  • Ongoing Support for you and your Cockapoo/Cavapoo, pre purchase and post, especially if you are a new dog owner.

  • A loving & caring start and one that you know your pup has had the best possible start to its life in every aspect, importantly love from a human family

  • A lifetime of support.

We couldn’t find a place like this when we were searching for our first Cockapoo, so we decided to create it….

The Raffles Health

We take the health of our pups very seriously but to have healthy and outstanding pups,  you need quality health tested parents. A hybred dog is commonly known to be a healthier option over a pedigree. When you cross two breeds together it can help to reduce the inbred health issues that many pedigress are known to suffer from, even so, certain health testing is required on certain breeds. 

To read all about this and what we do here at Raffles visit our Health Tested Parents.

The Raffles Good Looks

You may be wondering why Cockapoos comes in so many different looks, we are pleased to say we have consisitent breeding, albeit all Cockapoos do vary as they are a mix of two breeds, known as a hybred cross-breed. We are pleased to say that our Cockapoos for sale are stunning and are bred true to the original and correct look. The trouble nowadays is some people are crossing anything with anyting, and owners are selecting their puppy before 6 weeks of age,  which is something that should never happen when buying a cross bred pup. All pups look cute, but as your Cockapoo grows up it may not be what you expected or desired and this is one of the main reasons we are seeing more and more Cockapoos re-homed. Not all Cockapoos have the same coat types.

A working cocker cross is in need of substantial more exercise,  and the  american spaniel gives a slight different look,  here at Raffles we only breed from the English Show Cocker and Miniature Poodle and even then, we have a strict criteria with a certain look we like and nature.  Over years we have bred our own spaniels.

The Raffles name is well known all over the UK and many people will stop and say is that a Raffles Cockapoo? and for all Raffles owners you will know how many times your stopped when your out and about! Not just Cockapoos, but Cavapoos and also Show Cocker Spaniels. It is a brand name linked to quality dogs, general information and knowledge, not just breeding.

As we have our own stud dogs, we have made sure there is no silver in the breeding lines, however roan colours can come through, and colours can alter, not always, but they can. There are some notes about this in our gallery. A cross bred dog is not like a pedigree, each is individual in its own right. 

The Raffles Nature

This is something we are very well known for,  again it comes from quality selected parents whom have outstanding natures. We are pleased to say many of our Cockapoos are in homes with children with autism,  also some are used as therpy dogs and reading dogs in schools. They are totally suited for families with young children and also those that are retired.

A puppy is still a puppy, it still needs to be taught manners and behaviour, it will still go through a puppy mouthing stage, it will still push the boundaries as it gets into its teenager years, but our Cockapoos are not hyper, they are NOT bred from the very active working cocker, and thus in our opnion and backed up by a recent poll we did, a Cockapoo from the show cocker is more suited to a family. 

Warning:  Cockapoos do have personalities, behave like clowns, have the mad doodle dashes and are very commical to live with! 

Is a Companion Breed right for you?

As lovely as they are there are some things you need to know about having a companion breed in your life.

Cockapoos, Cavapoos, and most cross breeds are a companion breed, this means they love to be with you, love company, and are not good at being left on their own. we go out of our way in all our pre pup hub support, and at handover of our pups to tell you how important it is to fully socialise your pup from day, things like pups classes are ideal, but as much as it is important to fully socialise, you have to also teach your companion breed it is fine to be on its own. Leaving pup from day one is important as well as socialisation, leave for 2 hours at a time and get pup being use to being on its own is vital you do this from a young age. If not you will end up with a doggie that cannot be left. They are susceptible to separation issues if you do not teach pup early age it is fine to be left on its own for small periods of time. We shall prepare your pup here, we have a full socialisation plan in place, but when a pups leaves us it is for you to ensure you take the correct advice and implement it at your end.

Grooming - Most cross breeds are popular because of allergies, this means they have a thicker coat, and will need to be groomed every 6 weeks or done by yourself at home, when the thicker adult coat comes in, unless you maintain it, the coat will get matted, so we advise you go to your groomers every 6 weeks.

if you are fine and prepared for the above to put the effort in, then there is nothing quite like having a companion bred to share your life with, they are funny, loyal, and very loving in nature.

The Raffles Support

New dog owners? - do not worry, when you pre-reserve with us, you can gain access to our pre-pup support hub, download a new puppy owners document and have a read over our FAQ, covering things like how to travel home with pup, feeding, what comes with pup, and much more. Then when you have your pup, you can then gain access to our main support hub, where you can download our How Do I booklet, with many top tips on crate training and other early day puppy advice. 

We do not just turn our back on you after you have your pup, we give ongoing support, as much or as little as you need. We are always available for support for our Raffles owners. We also have first class veterinary advice should we/you need it, but we too are also very experianced in puppy health, so your in very safe and capable hands. In the event of any issues with your pup, we will never allow any out of pocket expenses, we issue Pet Plan Insurance, and we also stand by all our owners and pups regardless.

If Things Change...

Peoples circumstances do change, and if you need to re home your dog, we shall be there to help you and to find a new forever family for you, we don't pre-judge, we just want to help.  We shall always offer you as many solutions to your problems as we can. We have a substantial customer following for a re-home. We only rehome our own bred Raffles dogs.

The Raffles Veterinary Care

Here at Raffles all our owners benefit from quality vet advice and experiance. All pups are known to our vet,  they have received a full health check prior to leaving. Our vet is on site weekly, knows all our adult dogs and all the pups and helps us to attain outstanding levels of quality veterinary care for all our dogs. We are pleased to work closely with Willow Group of Vets. We also issue a months  Pet Plan Insurance, which covers for up to £4,000, for any/all eventualities, as well as the Raffles right to return guarantee. With the best will in the world, dogs are living creatures and as much due diligence, care and good practice sometimes things happen, but having insurance in place and the right to return is all additional cover for our owners. if you do not carry on with the Insurance, this is at your own risk, we strongly advise all our owners to continue with the Pet Plan Insurance. Vets are very expensive nowadays and it does not take much for something like a broken leg to add up to in excess of £4,000 upwards. We recommend the Pet Plan for Lifetime cover and you will receive a free months over if you continue your policy, even if you change the level of cover. 

As owners you too have access to our vets for advice. It makes no difference if it is just a trival question, or you have any concerns. The Willow Group of Vets is a large group of vets, also a referral vets, which means other vets around the country use their resources and knoweldge. 

The Raffles Puppy Transparency

We have an open transparency policy, and we hope to lead the way making this the new "norm" for all ethical breeders to follow. We share any issues we have had in our pups that may help others, we tell you openly the problems facing all pups and breeders, we explain why, and we make sure you fully understand what can go wrong and why. We stand by all our owners, and dogs. We issue the highest level of insurance, £4,000 with no loopholes. It covers for all unforeseen eventualities.  Any issue with any of our pups, is investigated fully and a conclusion reached. We will also review our procedures, we don't take anything for granted and we always look for ways to improve all aspects of what we do. 98% of our pups never need to see a vet, only for normal routine appointments, but if things go wrong, and they can, we shall openly discuss and support you and speak to your vets, and also owners can speak to our vets directly too. All our pups have two full vet checks prior to leaving us as they are fully vaccinated before they leave.

Working Full Time

We don't permit our dogs to go to homes where everyone is working full time, a Cockapoo/Cavapoo is a companion breed, and thus needs and thrives on company. Being on its own all day, is not suitable. We do have owners who work and they use doggy day care, or family, this is fine, but leaving your Cockapoo on its own all day is not acceptable.  We advise a Cockapoo/Cavapoo should not be left longer than 4 hours.

Breeding Dogs

We don't sell any of our dogs for breeding - pets only thank you.

Pup Protection

This is our main priority, we don't expect for a moment that you will understand or appreciate how important this is. Parvovirus is everywhere, it is not a breeder that creates the virus, it is brought into a breeders by the public unknowingly.  Also a healthy pup  that leaves us may still become exposed to parvovirus at your home and still contract it. It's on most grass verges, parks, walking areas, vet surgeries, and the only thing that offers full protection is the completion of vaccinations. A little bit like the superbugs in hospitals MRSA, surgeons cannot see it, and you cannot be protected or guaranteed you wont pick it up in hospital,  this is the same as puppy virus's. As a responsible knowledgeable breeder we do what is required at this end and we do not allow our pups to leave us until they have had the full course of vaccinations, which is two vaccinations, the 2nd one is given at 10 weeks, and then our pups leave us, it is piece of mind for us and for you. You have no further costs for vaccinations as we do it all. As with any larger breeder or sensible breeder, we have high biosecurity in place here and no one can walk through any area where there are pups and mums, you can see through a glass window into our nursery and see on TV screens, but NO ONE from the public is permitted into our area with Mums and Pups, this high biosecurity has been praised by leading specialists in the field about what we do here at Raffles protecting our pups. If this does not work for you, we are not the right place to have your pup from.

When can our pups leave us?

No pup should ever leave before it is 8 weeks of age, but actually this is quite young, we prefer to keep our pups to ensure full weaning is done correctly, some pups achieve this faster than others.  A Cockapoo is a very sensitive pup, the Cavapoo and Cavapoohoon is a small dog, so all in all we prefer to hold them back a little bit longer. We are NOT a breeder who wants to sell them quickly, we want them to be robust and ready for their homes, even if it takes a few weeks longer. We prefer to keep a pup for 2nd vaccination, which we do at no charge, and pups leave us just after 10 weeks of age as a guide, fully protected. We also have a full socialisation plan in place here, it is a set routine we follow in stages from weaning through to leaving us.

Your pup is for many many years and a few more weeks at this stage really should not make any difference. We also have to balance when a litter leaves us, and that one pup is not left on its own, so we will always speak to you with regards to the best timeframe, we do understand times and restrictions if you are working, but we will put the pup's best interests first at all times and we hope you understand this.