Do Your Research First.

You may not have your Cockapoo at this stage, but something all Cockapoo owners have in common is the love of this amazing hybrid dog. You will not fully appreciate just how special they are until you buy a cockapoo of your own.

Because the Cockapoo is a hybrid dog and not a pedigree, it means it comes in hundreds of different looks, coats, sizes and nature. Information across the internet, Cockapoo forums & clubs can be very mis-leading. Here at Raffles we only give you the facts, whether you purchase your Cockapoo from us or not.  The Raffles brand is much more than just being a breeder, it is a source of factual information from years of experiance.

At this website, you will learn about us, what we do, and how we do it. You can view our prices, organise your pre-reservation, view galleries so you are clear on colours and lots more.  We also recommend you visit For The Love Of Cockapoos, you will be able to gain important general knowledge about Cockapoos, what to look for when buying a pup, which F type, grooming, coat type, top tips and more. So grab some knowledge from this recommended site.

Something to point out is is there is NO official Cockapoo Club, the Cockapoo GB Club was set up by breeders,  there is nothing official about it, other than they earn £5 per person who joins, the only official dog club is the Kennel Club. 

To do your research we recommend the following:-    

After you are a little more knowledge about what your looking for, we need to know a few things:

  • A little about you and what kind of home you can offer one of Cockapoos.

  • Your timeframe and colour preference.

  • We can then help you with specific information before you buy a Cockapoos.

  • The quick way to do this is complete one of our online Pre-Reserve Enquiry Forms.

We don't approve everyone (sorry)

Please do not be offended, we don't approve everyone, but to give you some idea, see common reasons as to why we would not accept you.

Work full time with nothing in place - we don't permit our Cockapoos or Cavapoos to go to homes where they will be left all day on their own, they are a companion breed and totally not suited to this. Most of our working families use doggy day care of have family to assist. 

We breed very loving and good natured dogs, if we feel after meeting you for lots of reasons, your not suitable, we shall let you know, children must respect a puppy, and children must be supervised by adults and taught to respect the needs of a puppy. Playtime is fun, but rough play or teasing cannot be permitted. 

  • Breeding - Our dogs are sold for Pets Only, we don't sell for breeding.

  • We do like our dogs to go to quality families/owners

  • Please do ensure you understanding the commitment required in owning a dog prior to making contact with us please. We shall presume you have certainly considered this responsibility prior to making contact with us and the up side and downsides of owning a companion breed, we presume you have read over this website fully.

  • We do prefer our pups to leave at 10 weeks after 2nd vaccination.

  • We are a fully licensed breeder, higher standards awarded.

Pre-Reserve Customers

We do not work with a long list of never ending names, known as a "waiting list"  this causes many people to be let down and you never actually know when you will be able to have your pup. We work with a very popular and well used “pre-reservation” system assigning customers to each litter,  you know the estimated timeframe of your pup, and there is no disappointment!  We have substantial planning in place, we know when litters will be due/planned, arriving, and unless something is out of our control, you can rely on our Pre-Reservation system. 

If you do not wish to Pre-Reserve.

If you do not wish to pre-reserve, you can view our current Available Pups at our available pup website page.  You do have to be quick, as our available pups are taken very very quickly. We take less pre-reserves per litter than the average litter number, so this does mean we  have available pups each litter, even if only one or two.  We do also tend to let you know what day our page is going to be updated so you have some advanced notice, and when we first update the page with available pups, we make sure we are available on the phone and online for a few hours after they go live to assist you.

Visiting Us

We like to try and keep footfall low for the safety and protection of our pups, however serious people who know they want a Cockapoo or Cavapoo are more than welcome to visit us. We also have our own family Cockapoos which you can meet. 

We are not an open kennel, so by appointment only. Due to our other business we are not open 7 days a week, we are open five half days per week. We tend to have most collections of our pups at weekends or some weekdays, always before 2pm, we do not do evenings appointments.  Due to our opening times weekends are busy here at Raffles, and we would respectfully ask you keep as close to your booked time slot as possible, as it will impact on others booked in for the same day.  

Visiting with Allergies

If you are wishing to know if you are allergic to a Cockapoo or Cavapoo,  we do not advise you solely rely on a visit to us or any breeder for that matter.  Half an hour spent with a Cockapoo/Cavapoo is not sufficient. We also have spaniel Mums who shed and thus our environment can indeed trigger allergies.  We suggest you spend time with a friend or family Cockapoo/Cavapoo first.

  • Remember it all depends on the coat type, so make sure the Cockapoo or Cavapoo you spend time with is a non shedding, shaggy or curlier coat.

  • We do advise many families on the right Cockapoo/Cavapoo if you have allergies.

  • Please ensure you make it clear to us if you suffer from allergies please

Collecting Your Pup

  • So the big day arrives and its an exciting time for you and your family. You will have a time for collecting your pup, please do try to arrive on time as we plan our day around our bookings.

  • Pre-pup collection customers will all have access to the pre-pup hub, for lots of FAQ and your new puppy document so you will have lots of information prior to arriving.

  • We like to do a full and informative handover of your pup to you, this will take about 20/30 minutes. So allow for this time when you collect your pup. There maybe other people collecting at the same time as you also.

  • We shall go through all pups paperwork pack with you, vaccinations and health sheet and you will receive all the items our pups come with.

  • Your Pet Insurance Policy and Microchip is all done for you, you don't need to do a thing, we take care of everything for you, you will receive your Pet Plan policy number to your email, and microchip paper all registered to you as owners will arrive in the post within 5-7 days.

  • Don't worry if you don't take it all in on the day, we are here for any support you need. All our owners have access to our support owners hub, with plenty of top tips, and a downloadable “How Do I” document, which covers things like crate training, puppy mouthing, toilet training, and much more.

Raffles Knowledge

We make a committment to our owners and also our pups, for as much or as little support as you need. 

Not only are we very experianced about the Cockapoo/companion breeds and cross breeding in general we have a general interest in puppy health and we pride ourselves on being very knowlegable, combined with the fact we have direct access to veterinary specialists

We can help with anything and everything and advise you accordinly and importantly correctly and in many cases save you unnessary vet bills. So it is always advisable to ask us first. 

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