Some of our cavapoochons are below. Apricots and Reds.

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The Cavapoochon

The Cavapoochon has certainly hit the headlines and is known as the dog that never loses its puppy face. It has become very popular across the USA and now here in the UK.  We are pleased to be one of very few licensed breeders to breed the Cavapoochon for sale in the UK.

In our early months we bred our Cavapoochons from the miniature poodle or from a Cavachon boy, we don’t do this now, we ONLY breed our cavapoochons from a Toy poodle, Sheeran who is red. It gives a small dog. So if you see some past larger cavapoochons updates from customers this is why, we changed to a toy poodle only some months ago. Our colours are mainly reds and darker apricots, and two toned.

We also invested into our deep red toy poodle, with extensive health testing and we made sure he has the right nature to suit the Raffles criteria. However over and above this, we also have external breeding arrangement with another licensed breeder for Cavapoochons from our dog and all Mums are here with us.

What is a Cavapoochon

The Cavapoochon is a triple cross and it mixes three popular breeds:- the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise, (which is a Cavachon) and bred back to the poodle.  It has super tri hybrid vigour.  In the USA they see no reason why these little cuties don't live to the ripe old age of 18-20 years. It also helps to breed out the common health issues seen in the King Charles Spaniel.  Some people breed them from the miniature poodle and others the toy poodle. 

Why a Cavapoochon?

  • Excellent for those with allergies due to the thicker fleece coat.

  • Those looking for a small dog.

  • Anyone who does not have much space or live in an apartment.

  • They have all the traits of the lovely Cockapoo and Cavapoo in looks and personaility.

  • Lower energy so less exercise is required.

  • Very cute in looks and very clever and quick to train


  • A Cavapoochon is slightly smaller in size

  • The Cavapoochon coat type is a thicker fleece coat.

A Raffles Cavapoochon 

25% King Charles, 25% Bichon, and 50% toy/miniature poodle. (sometimes a miniature poodle, please check. ) 

2019 Prices. Please note there is a price increase due on 31st Oct 2019

  • Red and Red Two Toned £1395

  • Apricot and Apricot Two Toned (darker apricot ) £1295

  • Lighter pale apricot and light two toned £1195


Your Pup comes with:-

Access to our pre-pup owners support hub, with downloadable new owners puppy guide, lots of good information.

  • First Vaccination & 2nd vaccination (Nobivac Lepto2) we do not charge for your 2nd vaccination it is included, no more vaccinations are required for 12 months.

  • Microchipped directly to you.

  • Fully vet health checked, twice, our vets are the Willow Group.

  • The Raffles Health Guarantee and right to return.

  • Wormed with Panacur, 2, 5 and 8 weeks and up to date prior to collection

  • Flea treatment using Advocate. (Vet prescription)

  • 28 Day Pet Plan Insurance Policy started for your pup. (FREE for 28 days) top level cover with no exclusions, this policy is higher than any vet practice can issue. Free further month if you continue the cover at any level

  • A Clicker for training your pup and training leaflet

  • Starter brush

  • Lovely large soft blanket and toys your pup enjoys

  • Pup Chew

  • 800g Bag The Catch - Ooddles Food.

  • As much lifelong support as you need from us, especially in the early days of puppyhood.

  • Enjoy become part of the growing Raffles Community, share your images and pick up hints and tips from our other owners. You also benefit from being able to see any of our vets in the event of any issue with your pup, free of charge.

  • Access to our main support hub, and our comprehensive "How Do I" booklet. Training tips an

  • No pup leaves us until it is 10 weeks of age, and fully vaccinated, this means you do not have to spend any further money on vaccinations and pup is safe and protected and ready for puppy classes and going out and about. 

Colin the Cavapoochon, owners Nikki and family.

Colin the Cavapoochon, owners Nikki and family.

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