Raffles Cavapoos

Here at Raffles we breed lovely Cavapoos for sale in the UK, using the same Dads as our Cockapoos. You benefit from the Raffles outstanding nature, proven quality breeding and our Cavalier King Charles Mums are all colours, Ruby, Blenheim and Tri. It is a well known fact that the King Charles Spaniel has many health issues, and we believe in hybrid vigour, which means by cross breeding, you may reduce the common health ailments seen in the CKS. We also have a right to return guarantee on all our pups. 

Raffles Cavapoo v Raffles Cockapoo

This is a very common question, so we hope this article is helpful for those that are undecided.

At Raffles we DON’T breed Cockapoos or Cavapoos from the toy poodle, its nature can be  different to that of a miniature poodle, also joint compatibility is important, so we would not use a toy poodle on any of our English Show Cockers. Our Cockapoos are the mid size Cockapoo. If anyone wants a smaller dog, we would always suggest the Cavapoo. It is still bred from the miniature poodle, but with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which is smaller than the English Show Cocker.

A Raffles Cavapoo.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Miniature Poodle - giving a smaller dog than the Cockapoo but not a tiny toy size. Our Cavapoos are typically 12-14” to the shoulder.

  • Raffles Cavapoos are lovely in their nature, we use the same Dads for our Cockapoos and Cavapoos.

The Cavapoo.

  • With the correct coat, it is very suitable for families with allergies. Low shedding.

  • Can be more suitable for those who live in an apartment or a flat.

  • Very easy to train like the Cockapoo.

  • Companion breed - like the Cockapoo.

  • Very suited to families with children if bred from nice parents.

  • Smaller than the Cockapoo.

  • A Cavapoo has larger eyes than the Cockapoo, this comes from the Cavalier King Charles look.

  • Health Testing is really important.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for heart disorders, so as long as the Mum has her heart checked on a regular basis then this will ensure no breeding is done from a Mum with any heart issues, plus the Poodle is heath tested. CKC spaniels do have other health ailments such as Syringomyelia (SM). We have never had a case of this either in our own CKS or in any Cavapoo we have bred, if we do in the future, we would not breed with the CKS in question, and owners have a right to return guarantee.

  • Remember the Cavapoo is a crossbreed so by bringing in the Poodle into the mix, it can/may remove the health issues commonly seen in the pure breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Cross-breeds are known to enjoy hybrid vigour and the Cavapoo has been around since the 1950's.

  • As with all breeding, nothing can give you 100% guarantee, but we hope by cross breeding we shall overtime proof that Hybrid Vigour is extremely helpful in out breeding common health ailments seen in the CKS.

Our Cavapoos are available in the below colours:-

  • Red and Red Two Toned

  • Dark Apricot and Dark Apricot Two Toned

  • Champagne and light Apricot

  • Black, Parti & Tri coloured.

To become an owner of one of our Cavapoos we offer several ways:-

You can become a "pre-reservation customer", this means you have priority on our available litter/pups; it is a £250 fully refundable, (for any reason) pre-reservation deposit.  First of all we would need to know a little about you and to ensure you can offer one of our Cavapoos a great home, then we ask for a guide to your timeframe, boy/girl and colour preference, After we have this info we can advise whether we have a litter suitable and if so we are happy to proceed with your pre-reservation.  



Upon receipt of your pre-reservation deposit, we send your receipt, along with our new owners puppy document, which shows you what comes with your pup, a handy check off list, along with other info you may find useful.

Pre-Reservations can be paid by bank transfer, Paypal or card payment.

It is important to understand, our deposit are fully refundable, we only want one of our pups going to owners who want them and are ready, if your circumstances change, we have no interest in keeping your deposit.

If you do not wish to do a pre-reserve please keep a look out for our available pups at this website, or at our Cavapoo Facebook page, which  is for our owners and our followers and any available pups where we have movement from pre-reservations are added to this page. They do sell very quickly.


We work the same way as our Cockapoos, it is vital to pre-reserve due to demand. Please use our Pre-Reserve Form/Page.

Cavapoo F1 Prices

Cavapoo 2018 Prices 1st Jan 2019 Prices                                                      

  • Black £995 £1095

  • Apricot, Light and Dark £1095 £1195

  • Parti/Tri Colours £1095 £1195

  • Very Two Toned Apricot £1295 £1295

  • Red & Red Two Toned £1395 £1395

Your Pup comes with:-

  • First & Second Vaccination Lepto 2. Pup will be fully protected at 10 weeks.

  • Microchipped directly to you

  • Fully vet health checked

  • The Raffles Health Guarantee and right to return

  • Flea treatment - Advocate

  • Wormed to date

  • 28 Day Pet Plan Insurance Policy for your pup

  • Oodles Food - www.ooddleskitchen.co.uk

  • Lovely large soft blanket and toys your pup enjoys

  • Chew & Ball

Your pup has been raised inside, well socialised, handled and confident with all noises, we only breed from health tested parents and very chilled parents. Our pups are very suited to families with young children. Our Cavapoos are the mid size they will vary between 13/14" to the shoulder, we only breed from Cavalier King Charles Mums and Miniature Poodle Dads. PRA DNA clear, heart testing is done on all our Mums, by our vet, and our poodles are also BVA clear as well as PRA clear. The miniature poodle is the middle size poodle between toy and standard.

As much lifelong support as you need from us, especially in the early days of puppyhood.

Plus you become part of the growing Raffles Community, which is Cockapoos, Cavapoos and show cockers. Share your images and pick up hints and tips from our other owners. You also benefit from being able to see any of our vets in the event of any issue with your pup, free of charge.

Pre-Reservations or holding deposits are always £250, payments can be made by Paypal, credit or debit cards, bank transfers or cash. The balance of your pup is paid upon collection and payments for this can be by cash, bank transfer, or card payment on the day.