Available Pups 

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  • This page is kept updated so it changes all the time, please keep checking, but please refresh your browser.

  • Our nicknames are only a point of reference, you name your own pup.

  • As we take less pre-reserves than average litter numbers, we add our available pups here.

  • Licensed Breeder. Cheshire East. CE/DB10/100421 - Higher Rated.

Quick ways to contact us

  • Email to info@rafflescockapoos.co.uk

  • Phone: 01270 524117

  • Complete the puppy enquiry form Here

  • If you are a current Pre-reserve customer for a later date, it is fine to bring it forward against an available pup. All pups on this page are available, whether your a pre-reserve customer or not.

  • Please note you cannot take a puppy of sale, or purchase any Raffles pup, without first speaking to us, we like to make sure you are suitable to own a Cockapoo or a Cavapoo.

  • If you wish to use our "holding deposit" to take a pup off sale, please ensure you read our Page of FAQ's under Pre-Reserve. Holding Deposits are only refundable if you visit and do not like your pup, we refund you straight away. They are NOT refundable if you take a pup off sale and then don't visit to see your pup. However we may permit you to use your deposit to become a future pre-reserve customer so you don't lose it.

  • No time wasters please, we will ask for holding deposits to ensure your serious, always refundable.

Top Tips

  • Always mention if you have been recommended by another Raffles owner or of course a current Raffles owner

Nothing available currently, do check back here for updates or email to info@rafflescockapoos.co.uk