Pre Reserve Your Raffles 

To buy a Raffles Poo in the UK we offer several ways:

We do not work with a long waiting list full of names, this causes many disappointments and you will never really know when or if you are going to have your pup. 

We work with our unique Raffles Pre-Reserve System, it is simple, works perfectly,  you can then plan when your going to have your pup with no disappointments.  

To become a "Raffles Pre-Reservation Customer" this means you have priority on our available litter/pups, at your timeframe, this is the most popular way to have a Raffles Cockapoo, it is a £250 fully refundable, (for any reason) pre-reservation deposit, which comes off the price of your pup. We only want to work with those that are serious about having a Cockapoo or Cavapoo to join their family.  Please do check our Pre-reserve FAQ area as to when a deposit becomes “non refundable” but fully movable to a different timeframe.

  • You can also use your pre-reserve on any available pup that becomes available sooner.

  • You can move your pre-reserve to a later date if your plans change.

  • Pre-Reserve customers are our priority.

Five things we need to know:- 

  • First of all we need to know a little about you to ensure you can offer one of our Cockapoos/Cavapoos a great home.

  • A guide to your timeframe.

  • Your colour preferences.

  • Boy or girl or don't mind.

  • Do you have any allergies or anything specific we need to know about?

  • There is a pre-reservation enquiry form to complete.

After we receive your information we can advise whether we have a litter suitable/planned/date and we shall confirm if we are happy to proceed with your pre-reservation. If it is months in advance we can only give you a guide to timeframes.

Upon receipt of your pre-reservation deposit, you will receive:-

  • Your receipt for your deposit payment made through our secure online shop.

  • Details of your Pre-reservation.

  • An access code to download your new owners puppy document and access to our pre-pup support hub page which contains lots of useful information for you so you can start to plan for your new arrival.

  • When you collect your pup, you will then have access to our main owners support hub area, this also contains lots of FAQ and our comprehensive "How Do I" downloadable booklet. It covers; how do I crate train, how do I toilet train, how do I groom, and lots more. This support hub opens only when you collect your pup.

How can you pay your Pre-Reservation?

  • Once we say yes, and you/us are happy to proceed, we shall send you how to make your pre-reserve payment.

  • Quick and easy at our secure shop online, using any credit/debit card or Paypal.

  • Or at the time of a visit.

What happens after you have completed your Pre-reserve? 

It is important to understand, our pre-reserve advanced deposits are fully refundable, we only want one of our pups going to owners who want them and are ready, if your circumstances change, we have no interest in keeping your deposit. 

If you do not wish to become a Pre-Reserve Customer.

  • If you do not wish to become a pre-reserve customer, you can view our available pups at this website, we also suggest you keep an eye on our busy Raffles Community Page too. We do tend to announce when we are going to update our available pup page to give notice to all. 

  • It is also worth noting, we take less pre-reservations than typical litter numbers, so we do have available pups after Pre-Reservations. Our Pre-Reservation system is flexible, so people can and do move their reservation, this happens all the time, some customers may have a sooner pup, others may move their pre-reservation until later. So quite often we have changes and movements which also results in available pups and spaces available for pre-reserve become available.

If you see an available pup you like sooner and your not a pre-reserve.

Our pups go very quickly, it has been known for them to be taken within minutes of them appearing on our page/site. You can contact us and visit the same day or next day, and we shall hold the pup for you.  If you cannot make it that day, you can use our holding deposit system. You simply place a holding deposit on the pup, then visit without the panic of the pup being taken.  If you don't like your pup when your here, your holding deposit is simply refunded straight away for you. However we won't refund a deposit if you have taken a pup of sale carelessly and don't arrive for your viewing or cancel without viewing. We have to keep this system as a usable non time wasting system for those that are keen and serious about having their pup. You can read over our FAQ's about holding deposits.

Please note.  We will only allow you to place a holding deposit on one of our pups if we feel you are suitable and that you can offer a suitable home. Please don't be offended if we ask you some questions. 

If you see an available pup you like sooner and your a current Pre-Reserve.

Just contact us quickly so we can assist you. Phone or Email. A pre-reserve customer takes priority, as does an existing Raffles owner.

What happens after you Pre-Reserve.

 Over busy periods such as Easter,  summer holidays and Christmas, it is the only way to secure one of our pups due to demand.

The benefits of being a pre-reserved customer?

  • You have first refusal on the pups in the litter.

  • If we have taken your pre-reservation from you, it means you will have your pup at your timeframe. (pending something out of our control)

  • Pups, two toned, or light eyes and brown noses, always get taken by pre-reserves customers. So if you want to see all the pups that fit your requirements this is the only way.

  • Only available pups after pre-reservation customers have selected, or when we get changes and movements from pre-reservation customers (which we do) are made available for sale.

  • We won't let anyone come earlier to view or to select, we treat everyone fairly and images are released to all at the same time. Sometimes if your requirement is something very specific, we shall ahead of release advise you about a particular pup and send images.

What Happens Next?

  • We will notify you of when the first release of litter pups will be coming out to you, so you will know a few weeks in advance.

  • It is fine to email us to check a timeline, and we can give you a guide so you can make your plans.

  • Typically you won't hear from us until the pups are about 6.5/7 weeks ish! It is determined by vet checks, vaccinations and weaning progress as to when we release them.

  • This means they have been seen by our vet several times, we know the coat type so we are able to advise anyone who has allergies, and the colours and overall look of each pup will be clear at this age. A crossbred pup is NOT the same as a pedigree, you have all kinds of different looks and coats in a litter, colours change as well, some go darker, others lighter, this is why we won't let anyone select a puppy until at least 7 weeks of age when the look becomes stable.

  • We will then send first litter pup images, matching your pre-reservation, so if you have pre-reserved a black and white boy, we shall send you all the black and white boys in the litter, If you have a pre-res an apricot girl, we shall send you all the apricot girls. When we send you this message, it will contain the images of the pups, viewings dates and collection from dates, so you have a clear timeline to be able to plan accordingly. We send you images so you can make sure it is what your looking for.

  • Our communications for all of this is via email. We stick with one communication source for ease and for record keeping. If you use different emails between communication methods, you stand the risk of missing our emails and not receiving your litter details.

  • Please read over our handy FAQ's.

How Do You Select Your Pup?

  • You select your own pup, we don't make any selections for anyone. We only advise if you have allergies or are looking for a particular requirement.

  • Some people live many hours away, and they will select from images, this means they only make one journey at the time of collection. Other people like to come and view. We don't mind which, we will work with each customers own preferred requirements. When you receive the images of the litter pups, it will contain viewing from dates, so you can book in to come and view the pups and meet the parents.

  • Most people know exactly what they are looking for, so when we send the first litter images, if something jumps out at you, always let us know.

  • We also have a page of FAQ HERE

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