Our Mission

  • We are committed to building the Raffles brand name with outstanding dogs and associated products, which goes way above and beyond the call of duty or any current compliance legislation for breeding establishments any Cockapoo Club advice and any so called "Approved Breeder schemes" . We are fully licensed given the rating of “higher standard"s”.

  • We are committed to giving outstanding after care for all our owners, including veterinary expertise, for life.

  • We are committed to only bring you factual information so you can make an informed decision of which type of Cockapoo you would like, from a working strain cross or a show cocker strain cross, so you can gather all the facts before you make your decision.

  • We are committed to the quality of all of the Raffles breeding programmes and to ensure there is good availability of quality, correctly bred Cockapoos, so families are NOT forced to purchase poorly bred Cockapoos from back street breeders.

  • We condem puppy farms, we don’t support puppy farming. Every one of our pups are connected to us and our stud dogs. We don’t support back yard breeding or anyone who breeds with little or no experience.

  • We are committed to a quality breeding programme and educating people and campaigners who think if your a larger breeder your a puppy farm, most educated people will know this is not correct. The Kennel Club sum up very well what a Puppy Farm actually is:-

  • Typically separate puppies from their mothers too early (8 weeks is generally recommended) provide inadequate socialisation of puppies, sell puppies through third parties , keep puppies in poor husbandry conditions and fail to follow breed specific health schemes or to apply basic, routine health measures such as immunisation and worming. As a result, the puppies bred by puppy farmers are more likely to suffer from common, preventable, infectious diseases, painful or chronic inherited conditions, behavioural issues and shorter life spans, very rarely are they vaccinated and have no paperwork.

  • We are committed to lead the way in "Everything Cockapoo" and we shall always give impartial advice.

  • If we had our way, legislation would not allow a pup to leave until it is at least 9/10 weeks of age. The law at present is 8 weeks.

  • If we had our way, it would be illegal to allow a pup to leave without having both it’s vaccination to ensure it is fully safe before it goes to a new owner.

  • If we had our way, small hobbie breeders should be licensed and checks done on their knowledge and capabilities to have a litter.

  • If we had our way, misleading Cockapoo "official" clubs should have to disclose who they are, there is NO Official Cockapoo Club only the kennel club. Anyone can set up an official Cockapoo Club and it is misleading to most people. Cockapoo GB Club for example is set up by Stephen and Julia Charlton from Jukee Doodles.

  • If we had our way - All breeders should give a lifetime of care and support and re-homing commitment/ help.

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