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For the Love of Cockaoos and Cavapoos

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 A place where you can ask for help or advice, learn top tips from others, but also a place which is managed by a super group of professional admin people. Some forums do not regulate correctly and there can be forms of bullying  and overly aggressive people who voice their opinions on certain subjects such as raw feeding, crating, vaccinations, and they push and push that their way is right and nothing else is.  This can be quite off putting for the owner who is just looking for quality advice. We don't allow bullying or intimidation or any form of slander you see across some forums and groups.  Many groups are set up by people who know nothing about the Cockapoo/Cavapoo or may have one as their own pet.

We had a strict criteria when it launched:-

1. It is a totally impartial site and no breeders can be mentioned.

2. It is open to ANYONE who has a Cockapoo or Cavapoo from any breeder.  This is not a Raffles Forum.

3. No aggressive comments or forceful opinions will be permitted. 

4. Quality information will be available from the professionals.

5. Quality Professional Admin People Only. It makes a difference to the overall quality of the forum. 

6. Not just a forum, there is a shop and website too. 

No matter what, these principles will remain in place, and we have seen a rapid growth in numbers in a short period of time.

You can share your images, ask for advice, enter competitions with great prizes and be part of the fastest growing professional Cockapoo Members Group there is. 

  • You can organise your own group walks, or join in with a walk, all listed under the Events Tab at the top of the forum page.

  • This forum is for anyone who has a Cockapoo or a Cavapoo, it is not just for Raffles owners and it is totally impartial.

  • You can sell your unwanted quality Dog items

  • Why not join Cockapoo Pals, a list of people who are happy to look after your dog.

  • Upload your images, and enjoy some chat with like minded people.

  • There are rules in place, so make sure you read the rules please.

Drop by and say hello!

I love this forum, it is so friendly and informative. I enjoy seeing everyones updates, and the competition prizes are amazing.
— Sue Pike & Family from Andover.